Sobriety Through Fitness | Fitness and Addiction Recovery

Tammi Saunders

Coming soon.Tammi’s love of fitness began in 2013. After a long hiatus from exercise and healthy things, she began working out in a CrossFit gym a few days a week. At the time, she smoked heavily, was extremely unfit, and wasn’t even sure she was going to stick it out. She shares that back then, she couldn’t do a single pull-up, push-up , or run 200 meters without having to stop. By the end of her first year she was attending class regularly and not only was she getting stronger, faster, and fitter, she was getting mentally tougher. She began to look at life in a different way, she developed a new mindset. She got comfortable being uncomfortable and adopted a “do hard shit” mentality, which translated into every area of her life. In 2018 Tammi took her passion for fitness full circle and became a CrossFit Level-1 trainer. She has never forgotten what it’s like to be new, unsure, and apprehensive, and she has a knack for making people feel welcome and at ease. Tammi is extra good at “aggressively encouraging” everyone. Tammi has experience as a high school life coach, working with at risk students, and a domestic violence victims advocate. In both roles Tammi developed and crafted her ability to build relationships, connect clients to resources and to help clients learn to advocate for themselves . Building trust through compassion and a natural empathetic way, and connecting with others is her strong suit. If you see Tammi outside the gym she is most likely looking for the best protein pancakes in the valley.