Sobriety Through Fitness | Fitness and Addiction Recovery

Colleen McGreggor

Colleen has devoted her entire professional career to working in the public health and human service space, devoting herself personally and professional to ensuring equity for vulnerable populations and most specifically, those facing mental health and substance use challenges.
With blended and diverse experience across public, non-profit and for-profit sectors, Colleen has seen amazing things achieved through the collective power of people.  She is a community engager and mobilizer who gets energized interacting with people, building community capacity, improving community health and being a part of positive social change.
Colleen is passionate about transforming healthcare, building equity and inclusion and harnessing the collective energy within communities to improve overall health and well-being.  Finding my own recovery from substance use through strength training and sports conditioning, I am deeply driven to building that individual, family and community capacity to promote and support healthy living through the adoption of an active, healthy lifestyle.